New MP features February 2020

Here is the list of the most relevant new MP features and improvements of last month.

1. Significantly increased robustness of meshing for complicated geometries.

In most of the cases when meshing fails, the solution is to either reduce mesh size or to activate smart meshing.
Now, in case of initial meshing failure, the meshing process is automatically repeated with different meshing sizes and/or smart meshing.
For our test geometries, this results into a drastical reduction (10x) of meshing failure.

2. New function "Show dependency graph" available in the explorer context menu

The new function shows the dependencies between available assemblies in selected directory.
The dependencies are represented in tree like graph, where red nodes are main assemblies, purple nodes are sub assemblies, and white nodes are sub assemblies in other directories than the directory of the main assembly. The graph is also saved as a PNG picture in the inquired directory.

3. New button "Edit color" in the bode plot window

The new function allows to change the colors of the bode plot curves.

4. New entry field in Modal Superposition tool available: "Last mode".

The new entry allowes you to limit the model reduction to a smaller number of modes as initially computed.

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