New MP features January 2022

Here is the list of the most relevant new MP features and improvements of last months.

1. Chain analysis

New button "Delete stage" available in the chain versions tool.

New button integrates multiple modal superposition.

New button "To PowerPoint (separate)" available in Chain Version tool. The new button automatically inserts a picture of each model stage into the currently opened PowerPoint presentation starting at the current active slide.

2. Bode plots

New buttons "To PowerPoint (separate)" and "To PowerPoint" available in Bode plots. The first button automatically inserts a picture of each curve of the Bode plot into the currently opened PowerPoint presentation starting at the current active slide. The second button automatically inserts a picture of the complete Bode plot into the currently opened PowerPoint presentation and active slide.

3. Results at picked item

New feature: mean result on picked geometry available in the "Results at picked item" frame.

4. Bode plots

New unit available for bode plots (nm - nanometer).

5. Assembly equations

New assembly equations function: helix2 which is applied to a range of model IDs. The use of this function is to apply a helix pattern to multiple ball instances in a ball screw assembly.

6. Connections

New logic allows for parent files to define which interfaces and which type of contact should be used for connections. This new data also defines which type of contact should be used (e.g. Bonded or Friction). Finaly, the data is used in the assembly validation. The new feature significantly improves the validation of connections. When many bolts or blind rivets are used, it also completly automates the contact definition.

7. Joints

New feature: "Heat transfer" available as connection joint property.

8. Solving

New feature: Tooltip of solve button shows current state of RAM and CPU.

9. Find in model tree

New find option for model trees: Hidden or suppressed elements can be excluded from search.

10. Parts generation

New feature: On the fly parts generation, when only material parameters are changed. The time consuming remeshing is not needed anymore.

New parameter for geo parent files: FixSmallEdges. Activating this parameter can fix meshing issues in some situations.

Added ESIZE_MIN and AUTOSETS options to the CAD import window.

11. Animations

New feature available for animations: Auto save animation. When activated, the animation is automatically saved when a new animation is started.

12. Edit relations

New button "Change also in all other connections" available when editing relations. When activated, the change is applied to all other similar connections, that relate to the same changed geometry item.

13. Report generator

New button in report generator available for quick activate/deactivate the hovered item.

Improved report generator with new option "Results system" added to the properties of result paths.

14. HighDetail Models

New internal feature allows to directly connect HighDetail ball and roller models with other parts. Specifically, the nodal sets of the rolling elements can have contact with the entiere rail surface. The software autmatically filters needed contact nodes.

Improved display of Ball models (now with 3D representation).

Add support for two materials (inner and outer ring) for all Roller_RoCS models. The related models in the library are updated and only compatible with this release and newer.

15. Selection

Improved usability of the quick access frame. The frame is not shown if the user hold the CTRL key down. After the user releases the CTRL key, the frame is shown.

16. Section views

Improved section plane setting. New buttons allow to select one of the main assembly planes.

17. Explosion views

Improved explosion button, which now can toggle between exploded and default view.

18. Submodeling

Improved sub-modeling: The submodeling load step can be one of multiple available load steps.

19. Performance

Significant increased speed when selecting and displaying model files with lots of surfaces.

Significant performance increase when modifying LBC properties or suppressing/deleting model tree items.

Significant speed increase when searching for contact surfaces.

Significantly increased performance when dealing with large compound LBCs.

Significant reduced memory consumption when generating connections.

Significant (at least one order of magnitude) speed increase when processing trimmed contact.

20. Material database

Add support for temperature dependent elasticity modulus and thermal expansion coefficient.

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