New MP features March 2022

Here is the list of the most relevant new MP features and improvements of last months.

1. Meshing

New feature: Empty parts are visualized based on STL representation.

2. Assembly validation

New assembly validation function: "All connections" which will display a table with all properties of all connections.

3. Assembly update

Assembly update function now shows a user confirmation window.

4. Load steps editor

New button "Table editor" in the load steps editor. Save button removed, as the saving is automatic.

Changed copied LBC table format: The time steps are now in the first row instead the first column (transposed matrix).

5. Model library

New function "What's new" in the explorer context menu.

6. Keyboard shortcut

New keyboard shortcut: D for model tree, 3D area and list of tree items.

7. 3D selection

Optimized selection logic: Nodal Sets are preferred over surfaces in case of StandardComponents and SpecialComponents. For all other parts, surfaces are preferred over nodal sets.

8. HighDetail models

New feature: Ball and Roller parts can be automatically connected by standard, surface based contact search.

9. Improved "New LBC frame"

Added multiple selection box.

10. Spring forces

Improved 2D plots of spring forces: Added result set number to the title.

11. Drop down lists

New feature: navigate along the list of values in a dropdown list by typing the beginning of a word.

12. Model parameters

Drop down entries available in model parameters

13. Model views

New view button: Normal to selected plane

14. Joint connections

New joint property: pretension

15. Model tree

New button: "Scroll to the top of model tree".

16. Assembly parameters

New feature: Paste parameters for assemblies (single or multiple selection) in context menu of model tree.

17. 2D Plots

Improved "Copy XY Data" function in Bode plots and other 2D plots. The tabular data now contains additional header rows for better documentation of the data.

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