Ballscrew simulation with Meshparts - how Steinmeyer further extends its technological lead

Start and duration: 01. December 2020, 15:00 - 16:00

The development of ball screws is facing great challenges due to ever increasing requirements and more complex loads. The classical design methods such as the DIN standard are no longer sufficient, because these assume an even distribution of forces on the individual balls and require generous safety factors. This is where the simulation helps. Steinmeyer, as a Meshparts user from the very beginning, demonstrates the advantages of simulation in these practical application areas:

  • Optimization of a heavy duty ball screw
  • Single nut examination: double vs. single thread

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Part 1 (5 min): Welcome and introduction of the speakers
Part 2 (20 min): Special challenges of the ballscrew simulation
Part 3 (25 min): Practical use of simulation at Steinmeyer
Part 4 (10 min): Questions of the participants
Target group: Design and development managers, designers and calculation engineers

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