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Configuring instead of modeling: The new finite element pre-processor for Ansys® and Abaqus®

  • Integrated FE model kit
  • Direct interfaces to Ansys® and Abaqus® solver
  • Full parametric and automated finite element modeling
  • Fast parametrization of new FE models,
  • Easy positioning and orienting of FE models and
  • Re-use FE models and FE assemblies

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For all those who want to make the most of Ansys® Mechanical APDL

Do you miss the simple but practical topology optimization from ANSYS Mechanical APDL? We bring back the topology optimization. Now even more powerful than before! This and many other useful tools you can find in our addon for Ansys®.

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Ansys Macro Library

The MESHPARTS Add-on contains an extensive library of useful APDL macros for ANSYS Mechanical APDL. The macros can of course also be used in ANSYS Workbench.

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Our passion is to fully exploit the potential of your machines and your products through the use of specialized software and services. Read more

Engineering Services

We offer you extensive simulation competence, however in one area we rank to the most innovative best ones:

Advanced all-round solutions for mechanical engineering

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Baden-Württemberg, we offer consulting and coaching services 50% less expensive, provided that the consulting concerns the realignment of the company by opening up innovative product, process and service fields. The consultation takes place within the framework of Promotion Programme Coaching of the European Social Fund (ESF) or via MFG Innovation Agency for IT and Media Baden-Württemberg. .