Our Vision and Commitment

Tuning Your Simulation - this is what drives us!

"Tuning" is often associated with the optimization and performance of cars. MESHPARTS stands for the tuning of finite-element (FE) simulations in the area of structural mechanics.

Our aim in machine simulation is to establish an approach which has long been common practice in Computer Aided Design (CAD): the component-oriented and parametric modeling. By virtue of doing so, we initiate a paradigm shift in the area of structural mechanic simulations based on the finite-element analysis.

Our Core Competence

MESHPARTS is the first-to-market with a component-oriented finite-element software solution as well as a finite-element components library for machine simulations. One of MESHPARTS key features concerns a fully automatic and parametric modeling: with just a few clicks you are able to model and calculate complex assemblies. Moreover, thanks to our software's modular working method you can reuse and adjust already available components in future models.

Based on this innovative technology, the modeling of complex assembly groups becomes 10x faster and cost-effective compared to market standard methods. Using a library of validated FE models generates a significantly increased accuracy of FE models.

Our Startup Company

MESHPARTS is a spin-off of the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart. From April 2012 to March 2013, MESHPARTS was granted an EXIST entrepreneurs scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. During this time, MESHPARTS prepared the market entry with the support of Technologie Transfer Initiative (TTI) GmbH in Stuttgart within the framework of an entrepreneurship facilitating unit.