Definitely one of the best text editors for Ansys APDL

For over a year I use the SublimeText editor to program my APDL macros for Ansys.

SublimeText is without doubt a text editor in which you can fall in love immediately.

There are certainly other good text editors for ANSYS APDL. The PeDAL text editor has even been 100% developed for APDL.

SublimeText however is a general text editor with syntax highlighting not only for APDL but for many other programming and markup languages (C ++, Java, HTML, Tcl, Python etc.).

I don't want to make a detailed product description but only to list some of the features I love about the SublimeText editor:

  • Crash proof: You can close (intentional or unintentional) the SublimeText editor, even if you have unsaved documents. When re-opening the editor your documents are back in the last unsaved state. You can even use the Undo function.
  • Multiple cursors: Simultaneous editing in different places in the text is a real highlight in SublimeText. This is one good reason you should take a look at the SublimeText.
  • Find and Replace: Search and replace in all open documents of whole paragraphs really works, not as in many other text editors.
  • Compare documents: This is so far no standard function in SublimeText but a plugin (Sublimerge) that can be simply copied into the correct directory and the compare function already works. The comparison of two open documents can be started by pressing Ctrl+Alt+D. Sublimerge then asks for the document to compare. Then the two documents open in a new window next to each other and the differences will be highlighted clearly. Use the key combination Ctrl+Alt+PageDown or Ctrl+Alt+PageUp to navigate from one difference to the next. With the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+, or Ctrl+Alt+. it takes over a change in the left or the right document respectivelly.
  • Auto brace: When typing a left parenthesis, the right parenthesis is automatically inserted and the cursor moves one position back, so you can immediately write between the brackets. When I select a range of text and then type a left brace, the selected text is placed between two parentheses. The text selection remains unchanged. Again, very well thought along.
  • AutoComplete with command help: When typing the first letter of an APDL command all possible commands and a short description are displayed in a small tooltip. Use the up/down arrows and return to select the desired command. Then the command and its arguments are inserted automatically. With the tab you can move to the next argument. For this purpose, a pair of screenshots:

The list of advatages can be very long. If you are already curious, then just download the installer here, install and enjoy.

Specially designed for use with APDL I have compiled the most important tools and the syntax definitions for you. You can download the compilation here. What to do with the files I show in the following:

  • Step 1: Start the SublimeText editor and choose Menu>Preferences>Browse packages. The directory containing the packages SublimeText opens. Here you copy the six folders from\SublimeText\Packages. When asked whether you want to overwrite existing folders, answer Yes.
  • Step 2: Extract the font definitions from\SourceCodePro_FontsOnly-1017\TTF and copy the TTF files to C:\Windows\Fonts.

I hope this tip was interesting for you and look forward to your opinions and suggestions for improvement. Just simply use our contact form.

Best regards
Alexandru Dadalau

Alexandru Dadalau

Geschäftsführer der Meshparts GmbH

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