What is EXTMSUP?

MESHPARTS EXTMSUP enables to you to export your finite element (FE) models from ANSYS to Matlab/Simulink. This happens with the help of two well-arranged graphical user interfaces (GUI), one ANSYS-GUI and one Matlab-GUI.

The graphical User Interface of EXTMSUP in ANSYS:

The graphical User Interface of EXTMSUP in MATLAB:

Demo - Generic machine tool model


The typically very big FE models are strongly reduced with the help of the modal superposition. Only the degrees of freedom of the FE model that are really of interest to you are exported. In the case of machine tools that are typically the direct and indirect measuring signals (position, speed) of the tool slide and of the elektro drives.

The modal reduced FE models are usually coupled with a controller in Simulink, so that the dynamic behaviour of the controlled axes can be examined. EXTMSUP generates automatically also a Simulink model which contains the exported FE model with inputs and outputs. Beyond it, EXTMSUP offers automated functions by which you can plot or 3D animatey natural frequencies, time and the frequency responses.

A with EXTMSUP automatically generated Simulink model for a maschine tool:

Coupling between controller and reduced FE model in Simulink:

Different automated plots in EXTMSUP:

Download and test

You can always download the MESHPARTS Add-on software (including MESHPARTS EXTMSUP) from our license and download area.

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