FE Model Library

No modeling effort, no modeling errors, no expert knowledge

50,000 Parts in the FE Model Library of Meshparts:

  • Ball screws
  • Bearings
  • Linear guides
  • Planetary gears
  • Servo drives
  • Bolts
  • Profiles
  • Structural elements

Benefits of the models in the FE library of Meshparts:

  • Immediate simulation, no modeling necessary, no loss of time
  • Zero know-how, zero expert knowledge necessary
  • Ready to use FE models
  • All necessary functionality integrated
  • All relevant properties (catalog values) included (mass, stiffness, kinematics)
  • Predefined contact interfaces

Why work with a FE model library?

  • Reduce modeling effort

    A finite element model is created in most cases not just by automatically meshing a CAD assembly.

    Especially in more complex FE assemblies (e.g. milling machines, turning machines, special machines) there are many purchased parts (e.g. ball screws, servo drives, planetary gears, etc.) that are unsuitable as a CAD model for FE modeling. There are no stiffness values, the real total mass, inertia, gear ratios etc. are missing.

    Modeling these missing properties requires a lot of effort.

    By using a FE model library, ready-to-use FE models can be used directly as easily as a child builds with a Lego game.

  • Avoid modeling errors

    People make mistakes. The errors affect the informative value of the FE simulation and lead to wrong decisions. This can sometimes lead to catastrophes.

    The FE models of our FE model library are validated models. Modeling errors are largely excluded.

  • Standardize modeling process

    Standards play an important role in many companies.

    To train the own employee so that the FE models always have the constant quality and characteristics, is bound to high efforts.

    At the same time, it is not easy to verify the compliance with the standards.

    By using a FE model library, you can solve this problem in one go.

High Detail Model Library

A special feature in the FE model library of Meshparts are the "High Detail" models.

The following component types are currently in the high-detail library:

  • Ball screws
  • Bearings:
    • Deep groove bearings
    • Angular bearings
    • Four point contact bearings
    • Roller bearings
    • Tapper roller bearings

The FE models of ball screws and bearings feature a highly efficient representation of the rolling elements (balls or rollers) in the high-detail version.

The rolling elements have a non-linear stiffness behavior. In addition, our bearings and ball screw models can correctly compute the load-dependent change in the individual contact angles.

In terms of behavior, our rolling bearing and ball screw models are similar to the Bearinx models of the Schaeffler group. However, the models have a crucial advantage: As born-and-bred FE models, they can be inserted into existing FE assemblies with just a few clicks. You can then to study the influence of attached parts on the bearing stiffness in a single simulation.

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