Fields of Application in Mechanical Engineering

Machine Tools

Shorten cycle times, improve machining quality,
reduce weight, increase stiffness, etc.
We have compiled some examples for you:

Machine Slides - Stiffness Maximization Through Sheet Thickness Optimization

A machine slide is used to demonstrate the sheet thickness optimization process in Meshparts. The process is based on a special type of topology optimization.

A global optimum is guaranteed and the result can be transferred one-to-one into the CAD design.

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Clamping Device - Improved Product Quality

Clamping devices are often produced in small quantities, but design errors can still be very costly. Thanks to the integrated model library, clamping devices can be simulated quickly and easily.

Clamping devices can be effectively optimized with Meshparts by simple adjustment of the boundary conditions and automated evaluation of the results.

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Turning Spindle - Optimization of Dynamic Properties

Spindles have a considerable influence on productivity in machine tool manufacturing. High-detail models of the rolling bearings from the Meshparts library make simulation particularly easy and provide detailed results.

The high level of detail of the models, taking bearing preload into account, improves the informative value of the results.

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Machine Components

Extend the life of components with
computer-aided optimization.
We show you how:

Steinmeyer relies on the innovative Meshparts software when simulating ball screws

Development Manager Wolfgang Kloeblen shows at AMB how Meshparts was able to help August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG increase the service life of his own ball screws by factor eight.

Ball Screws

Use the predefined Meshparts models for the design and calculation of ball screws. Enter the parameters in Meshparts and a few clicks later you have a finished FE model.

With our simulation solution you can calculate both the deformations of the ball screw and the load on each individual ball. Our sophisticated models keep the calculation effort within limits.

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Rolling Bearings

Have you ever wondered how the bearings behave in the installation situation? Then you've come to the right place. Our models enable you to calculate the individual rolling bearings as well as the calculation in corresponding assemblies.

Our solutions take your simulation models to a new level.

Planetary gears

In the development of gearboxes, the complex behavior of rolling bearings poses a challenge for efficient simulation. Meshparts Add On for Rolling bearing helps to answer this question efficiently. WITTENSTEIN has successfully tested the method and confirmed the benefit.