Alexandru Dadalau is an Alumni of the Mechatronics Faculty of University of Stuttgart and a former research assistant and PhD at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart.

For his diploma thesis on CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) with the title (German) "Topologieoptimierung eines Maschinenschlittens mit den Finite Elemente Programmen ANSYS und TOSCA", Alexandru Dadalau was awarded the Thesis Award by the German Machine Tool Builders' Association - Vereins Deutscher Maschinenfabriken VDW.

Alexandru Dadalau's ISW homepage providing information on his research area is available here.

During his ten-year research activity Alexandru Dadalau had been in charge of numerous industry projects in the area of FE simulation for machine tools. Based on this experience, he has developed a component-oriented FE software solution. The component-oriented and fully parametric FE modeling is a fully new approach in the machine simulation opening up as yet untapped potentials for the machine simulation.

From April 2012 to March 2013, Alexandru Dadalau was granted an EXIST entrepreneur's scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.