Inhouse workshops from Meshparts

We bring our know-how directly to you

Our in-house workshops are the perfect combination of software demo, training and service.

At a favorable price, we offer you the following package:

  • You send us your CAD model of a current use case that you would like to have calculated.
  • We'll discuss your simulation requirements in a one-hour videoconference.
  • The FE simulation is carried out by us and the results are prepared for you (typically one day with us)
  • We come to you and show you how we have created your Meshparts model and how we came to the result (one day of effort at your house).

The advantages for you are:

  • You will receive a simulation service for a current use case of you at a discounted price.
  • You get a direct insight into the use of our software and you can better decide whether you want to use it yourself.
  • The whole process is uncomplicated and fast, your effort is kept to a minimum.