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    Our Simulink controller model of
    Siemens 840D powerline is synchronized
    with the real controls at the touch of a button.
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    The interaction between the
    control system and the mechanical
    structure (machine tool) is done using MESHPARTS EXTMSUP.

The Siemens 840D Powerline for Matlab / Simulink

This is unique in the market! The widely known industrial controller for machine tools we have almost 1-to-1 represented virtually as a Simulink model.

Virtual setup and operation

Simulate the realistic behavior of your machine tool directly in Simulink: Our controller model makes this possible. Needless to say, we have considered all control parameters.

Parameterized at the touch of a button

The Siemens 840D powerline has hundreds of parameters. So you can easily lose track of things. We are able to synchronize the real control of your machine tool with our Simulink model at the touch of a button. All parameter values of the controller are applied immediately.

Some highlights:

Time-discrete simulation of the Siemens 840D powerline controller

Coupling with modal reduced finite element models of your machine tool

Initial parameterization of the real control

Automatic calculation of typical frequency responses (mechanical and reference frequency response, speed control system, etc.)

Consideration of all relevant trasfer elements (dead times, setpoint, actual value and balancing filters, limiters, speed and torque feedforward control, anti-wind-up, adaptation of the proportional factors, etc.)

Animation of the mechanical controlled system response

Our customers on the Controller simulation of Meshparts:

Gleason-Pfauter Maschinenfabrik GmbH

By integrating Meshparts' Control Toolbox in Ansys Workbench we've achieved a considerably greater informative value in our simulations.

The automatic configurable Matlab/Simulink model of the Siemens 840D controller is extremely close to the real control from the perspective of detailing.

What you should know:

  • We have also modeled the controller structure of Siemens 840D powerline with MESHPARTS Control Toolbox for ANSYS.
  • The ANSYS controller must be continuous in time, as opposed to the Simulink controller.
  • For the ANSYS controller, the currently best approximation for dead time is used: the Pade approximation.
  • A further restriction in ANSYS is that no limiters are possible.
  • The advantage of the controller model in ANSYS is the nonlinear mechanics on request.