A kit for finite element models of machines

A wide variety of typical machine components are available to you in our FE Model Library as fully parametric Ansys® FE models.

Our FE model library is divided into two main model kits: standard and manufacturer-specific components . The model kits consist of parametric finite element models in Ansys® model format CDB.

Both the Ansys® models from Meshparts model library as well as your self-created Ansys® models, you can assemble with the Meshparts software to parametric, change-robust FE assemblies. These can then be sent by pressing a button to the Ansys® or Abaqus® solver.

You can view the online model library directly with your browser or use it through the Meshparts Software. Moreover, the Library can be subject to customization and integration in your company's software environment.

Why does a model library make sense?

Finite Element Model Kit

Standard Model Kit

FE model kit for general components, where you can determine all model parameters yourself.

Open Library

Manufacturer Specific Model Kit

FE model kit for components from different manufacturers, where you most model parameters are summarized in configurations.

Open Library

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