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    Based on specialized macros for Ansys we
    generate highly accurate finite element models and
    simulations of your ballscrew drives.
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    Parametric, optimized FE models: the spindle, nut
    and balls are assembled automatically
    on a modular basis.
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    The finite element mesh is strongly
    refined only at the contact points. We compute
    smooth and highly accurate contact stresses.
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    Contact stresses are determined
    with high accuracy in each
    contact point.
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    Even in a mounted state and
    under combined load we can compute
    contact rpessures and forces.

Finite element simulation of ballscrews is not easier than manufacturing

However, who manages to do it right, save a fair amount of development and testing costs.

Does your company stand for precision in the manufacturing of ball screws?

We stand for precision in the finite element simulation of ball screws.

Our core competence:

3D modeling and simulation of ball screws in the finite element software ANSYS

Correct modeling of all contact points between the balls and the raceway

Simulation with different preload classes

Computation of contact stresses in each ball contact point

More accurate life calculation as possible with DIN standard, as ball contact forces can also be determined at combined load.

Visualization of the change in contact angle with increasing load

Determination the overall stiffness in all relevant degrees of freedom (axial, radial, torsion)

Consideration of the mounted state (supports, bearings)

Computation of the deformations and stresses on combined load (axial + radial + torsion)

Our customers on the FE-simulation of ball screws from Meshparts:

Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH

Questions about ballscrew drives can often only by simulation beantworten. The efficiency and quality of the FE models of Meshparts are a valuable support.

A. Berger GmbH & Co. Präzisions-Maschinenbauteile

When designing a new, dynamically heavily loaded ball screw with double nut we wanted to achieve in relation to the standard calculation higher security. Meshparts has assisted with the necessary simulation tests. Thanks to the extremely detailed finite element models, we could also easily evaluate the load-dependent change in contact angle for each ball in the model.

Screenshots of the Meshparts Software with the FE Modell of a ball screw

FE Model Assembly
Ball screw nut, spindle and balls are different FE models
FE Model Assembly
Multiple ball instances
FE Model Assembly
Ball contact settings
FE Model Assembly
Loads and boundary conditions
FE Model Assembly
Ansys solution type and settings
FE Model Assembly
Model export to Ansys Workbench

What you should know:

  • With us you get the highest quality results in the shortest time.
  • Our finite element models are fully parametric and part of the MESHPARTS component library.
  • The corresponding macros you can purchase from us.
  • The macros run in our Meshparts Software für ANSYS.