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    We generate finite element models of linear guides
    by means of parametric model libraries
    and assemble those with the MESHPARTS software.
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    With the overall model, we compute
    the nonlinear pretension dependent
    stiffness curves.
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    Not only the static, but also the
    dynamic behavior can be calculated.
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    The simulation results differ
    from measurements by only
    a few percent.

Is there still room for further optimizations of linear guides today?

Yes, definitively! Especially if you use the right simulation tools.

Do you want to exhaust the last percentages for your products?

We have worked thereupon.

We are particularly well experienced in:

3D modeling and simulation of linear guides in the finite element software ANSYS

Correct modelling of all contact points between the balls and the raceway

Calculation of contact stresses in each ball contact point

Simulation with different preload classes

Visualization of contact angle change with increasing load

Determination of the overall stiffness in all relevant degrees of freedom (normal push/pull, lateral, yaw, pitch, roll)

Consideration of the screw connections

Calculations of the deformations and stresses for combined load (normal + lateral + yaw + pitch + roll)

More accurate life calculation as possible with DIN standard, as ball contact forces can also be determined at combined load.

Our customers on the FE-simulation of ball screws from Meshparts:

The FE models of linear guides of Meshparts are optimized for performance. The models run thanks to special ball models and local mesh refinement 10x faster than conventional models. At the same time the quality of results is higher and you'll get eg very smooth voltage waveforms at the contact points.

At Meshparts almost every model is a finite element assembly, which consists of standard components. In the case of linear guides is this no different. We benefit greatly from this standardization. The orders can be processed very fast and we get results even after just one day.

What you should know:

  • With us you get the highest quality results in the shortest time.
  • Our finite element models are fully parametric and part of the MESHPARTS components library.
  • You can purchase the corresponding macros from us.
  • The macros run in our Meshparts Software für ANSYS.