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    For all those who want
    to make the most of
    Ansys® Mechanical APDL
    Modalsuperposition, Topologieoptimierung,
    Reglermodellierung und Substructuring

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Do you miss the simple but practical topology optimization from ANSYS Mechanical APDL?
We bring back the topology optimization. Now even more powerful than before!

This and many other useful tools you can find in the bottom playlist.

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Which modules offers you the Meshparts addon?


Topology optimization of volume, sheet and beam structures in ANSYS Mechanical APDL and ANSYS Workbench

More about TOPOAD


Component oriented modal reduction of ANSYS finite element models and export to Matlab / Simulink with visualization and animation capabilities

More about EXTMSUP

CT (Control Toolbox)

Parametric generation of control structures in ANSYS Mechanical APDL and ANSYS Workbench

More about CT


Fast Craig-Bampton model reduction of complex finite element models, carried out with a few clicks in ANSYS Mechanical APDL

More about SUBSTRUCT

Some things users love about Meshparts Addon

The sheet thickness optimization with TOPOAD showed us quickly, where we can take away material and where we need more material. The goal was the max. axial deformation should be limited to 0.1mm. We have significantly undercut at approximately the same weight.

I never thought that one can model a complete cascade controller directly in Ansys. Now we can make controlled, transient simulations of machine tools with a single tool. As a result non-linear models can be taken into account.

The modal superposition with EXTMSUP is intended specifically for the import in Matlab Simulink. This gives not only a mere state space representation, but also a comprehensive Simulink model.

How is Meshparts Addon compared to Ansys® Workbench Mechanical?

Also in Ansys® Workbench Mechanical, you can perform a modal superposition or topology optimization of your models. And with Workbench Simplorer You can also model controller.

Howerver if you want to

  • import your FE models in Matlab-Simulink,
  • perform a topology optimization of sheet metal structures,
  • and control nonlinear FE structurs

in Ansys®, then the Meshparts Addon is the right thing for you.

How is the Meshparts Addon licensed and what does it cost?

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