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What does the Meshparts software offers you?

FE models as editable assemblies

Meshparts works in the FE area as a CAD system. There are FE parts and FE assemblies. The FE assemblies contain only references to the individual FE parts or FE subassemblies. Thanks to the assembly oriented approach, you can easily change and adapt complex finite element assemblies. You can reuse already created models.

FE model library

Meshparts has an integrated online library of over 50,000 FE models of purchased parts. After a CAD import, Meshparts takes over the complete assembly structure of your CAD model. Then you have the opportunity to replace purchased parts with the finished FE models from the library. You save yourself the modeling work and the search for catalog values. Learn more...

Design studies

In Meshparts, you can perform design studies for large finite element assemblies robustly and automatically. All FE model properties can be parametrically defined using assembly equations. All parameters can be automatically varied and combined.

Coupled controller mechanics simulation

Meshparts can export the FE models to Matlab/Simulink, Scilab/Xcos or Octave using modal superposition. There you can couple the strongly reduced FE models in the form of a state space representation with a controller model. This allows you to simulate frequency responses or step responses very quickly in the time domain. You can improve the dynamic behavior of your mechanical assemblies and, for example, achieve higher production volumes. Learn more...

Topology optimization

The method of Meshparts is based on a special kind of topology optimization. A global optimum is guaranteed and the result can be transferred one to one into the CAD design. Rigidity increases or weight savings of up to 40% are no problem at all. Learn more...


The Meshparts software has open interfaces to all common CAD systems and FE solvers.

CAD software FE solver CACE
SolidWorks (assemblies) Ansys Matlab/Simulink
Inventor (assemblies) Abaqus Scilab/XCOS
Creo Parametric (assemblies) Calculix (beta)
Catia (assemblies) RISTRA (alpha)
STEP (assemblies) Nastran (soon)
Parasolid (parts)
SAT/ACIS (parts)

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