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    The new finite element pre-processor
    with integrated FE model library
    With direct interfaces to Ansys® and Abaqus® solver

Software knowledge synergy

A FEA software can do a lot, but how was that again to model a planetary gear? Or a ball screw? Or a servo drive?

Thanks to the integrated, free available and parametric FE model kit, the Meshparts software comes "ex works" with an enormous amount of FE modeling Know-How. We speak of a synergy between software and knowledge.

Incredible lightweight

Your smartphone apps probably occupy more space than our Meshparts software. Nevertheless: We have packed everything, what you need for the parametric modeling of big finite element assemblies.

Another advantage: The software requires no installation . Just download and get started.

Borderless Cooperation

You can easily share or reuse single FE models or Meshparts FE assemblies in your team.

Meshparts wants to cancel the limitations that arise from the different, proprietary FE formats. Currently Ansys® and Abaqus® formats are supported. Soon other well-known FE formats will be added.

Software Demos

We have the Meshparts software developed with one goal: to delight you.

In the bottom playlist you can find live recorded videos of the software.

See for yourself!


Download the latest software version. The software requires no installation (portable). If you do not have a license, you can test the software anyway a month.

Read the user's guide

Are you a newbie or an experienced user? A look at the software documentation is always worthwhile.

Lizenz bestellen

Have we inspired you with our software? Purchase a commercial or academic license.

What can Meshparts offer you?

FE modelling tool

A finite element modeling tool is called FE preprocessor. Meshparts software excels in the automated model generation. To solve the models and evaluating the results an Ansys® or Abaqus® installation is needed.

FE assembly configurator

Definition of parametric assemblies with any hierarchy on the FE-model level. Use of geometric constraints to arbitrarily position FE models in the design space. Automatically create and calculate design variants.

FE model library

Access to thousands of predefined, parametric FE models. The models contain all properties necessary for the simulation. A gear model for example comes with predefined torsional and tilting stiffness, translation and rotational inertia.

Some things users love about Meshparts Software

The software requires no installation and installed extremely fast. I need no administrator rights just to make an update. Just download and run.

The interaction of the mouse with the 3D-interface makes a lot of fun. Thanks to the dynamic focus, I can zoom in and out and rotate the model relative to the current position of the mouse. In many cases, the mouse wheel is sufficient to reach any point in the model and to zoom in. This saves a lot of time, especially in large assemblies.

The use of parameters and mathematical expressions gives me anywhere flexibility. Do not use the Windows calculator any more, to figure out what is the half of a number! Just enter for example 3498/2.

What you can do with Meshparts?

FE Assemblies

Create, manage and customize complex finite element assemblies.
The number of single models can vary from few to hundreds and more.


Import, assemble and re-export FE models in different formats. Currently Ansys® CDB format and Abaqus® INP format can be exported or imported.

FE Analysis

Meshparts software sends the FE assemblies to the Ansys® and Abaqus® Solver to determine deformations and stresses of static and dynamic structural simulations.

Design studies

Perform design studies for large finite element assemblies. Everything can be a parameter, all parameters can be automatically varied and combined.

Your own library

Create and manage your own finite element model library. Or choose from hundreds of ready-to-use, parametric finite element models in Ansys® CDB format.


Reuse, robust change, adjust or replace previously created finite element models and finite element assemblies. Meshparts was developed with that goal in mind.

How is Meshparts Software compared to Ansys® Workbench Mechanical?

Read the non-exhaustive comparison between Meshparts and Ansys® Workbench Mechanical.

How is the Meshparts software licensed and what does it cost?

Read further information on the software license.

MESHPARTS offers these unique features:

MESHPARTS Software is a standalone finite element modeling software, with user-friendly and intuitive interface. For example, no Ansys license is required for the creation of Ansys model assemblies. The software works component-oriented, thus initiating a paradigm shift in the finite element modeling.

  • Component-oriented generation of FE assemblies - fast and easy
  • The simulation model is generated as a fully parametric and modular FE assembly
  • Intuitive features such as drag & drop, 3D visualization as well as automated processes such as automatic detection of component interfaces
  • Spatial positioning of components similarly to CAD
  • Consideration of all FE relevant physical contact properties for each and every contact between components models.
  • The modular and assembly intelligence (structure, positioning information, contacts) are retained permanently.
  • The assembly configuration can be changed at the touch of a button.
  • The level of abstraction can be easily varied - Components can be generated from very simplified to very detailed.
  • Automated generation and administration of variants
  • A well-ordered storage structure, a specialized search function and a naming algorithm based on property characteristics

Not least...

Do you want to use the browser instead of our software? In combination with the Simuleering-METASIMULATION You can configure, calculate and post-process your FE assemblies web-based. This method is very suitable if you keep calculating the same FE models with different configurations. With the browser-based solution of Simuleering-METASIMULATION you need no additional software licenses for the FEA.