Neue Funktionen

Neue Updates und Funktionen von Meshparts - Juni 2020

Meshparts Form HexagonMeshparts Form Hexagon

1. Fresh new look

Most icons were redesigned for better and faster recognition.
The new icons keep the DNA of the old icons and you will not feel new to the software.

2. Support for High DPI screens

Meshparts is now QHD ready.
Even more: It supports any type of high resolution and high DPI screens.
The UI, including the icons, will scale nicely with the active Windows scaling and without any pixelization.

Meshparts Form Hexagon

Kostenlose Potentialanalyse anfordern

Entdecken Sie in einer kostenlosen Potentialanalyse mit einem unserer Experten, welchen Mehrwert Meshparts Ihrem Unternehmen bieten kann.

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